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What’s a Wedding Breakfast?

What’s a Wedding Breakfast?

We are often asked what a wedding breakfast is, as it seems to cause confusion when planning a wedding.

We’ve even had couples saying that they don’t want a wedding breakfast because their ceremony is later in the day…but don’t worry, we won’t be serving bowls of Kelloggs Cornflakes and rounds of buttered toast at your wedding.

Let us explain…

So, why is it called a wedding breakfast?

Well, traditionally, the bride and groom used to fast from the night before their wedding until after the vows had been made. Then, as they started their new life together as a married couple, they would ‘break the fast’ with their first meal.

So simply put, your  wedding breakfast is just the very first meal that you share with your partner as a married couple! Definitely nothing to do with bowls of yoghurt, fruit and granola. Unless that’s your preference, of course!

What can I have for my wedding breakfast?

Honestly? Absolutely anything you want can be served as your wedding breakfast. The choice is entirely yours.

As wedding caterers, we love working with our couples to help them choose the perfect menu to suit them. This is such a great opportunity for you both to select dishes that you both love and that reflect who you both are as a couple.

Maybe you want to recreate that amazing seafood pasta you had in Italy on a romantic holiday? Or you both adore sticky toffee pudding? No matter how formal or informal you would like your day, break your fast with a wedding breakfast to remember.

Call Libby on 0115 727 0403 to discuss the perfect menu for your wedding or event. Or email: whitesfinefood@gmail.com

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