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Whites Fine Food offering is nothing short of inspiring. Whether it be Tom in the kitchen cooking and preparing mouth watering dishes or Libby managing front of house. Service is uncompromising and fitting for any corporate or special occasion.

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School dinner inspired mini desserts – with pink custard!

School dinner inspired mini desserts – with pink custard!

Our main message to couples that contact us to discuss their wedding catering is ‘you can have whatever you want’.

Quite literally, anything goes. So why not be inspired?

Sometimes couples need a bit of guidance to discover their perfect menu but that’s exactly why we’re here. There isn’t anything we haven’t been asked to cook over the years that we’ve been in wedding catering. So you really can ask us about anything that might be inspiring your menu.

And sometimes we meet couples who know EXACTLY what they want. And this reminds of a lovely couple we met back in 2014.

Inspired by happy memories of school days

They asked us to create a series of school-inspired mini desserts: cornflake tart, apple crumble, jam roly poly and rice crispy cakes were the order of the day for this couple’s wedding dessert.

And the reason why? Well the puddings were all inspired by the bride and groom’s time at the local junior school and of course complemented by lashings of pink custard (Anyone else remember pink custard being served at their junior school? Let us know if you do! Or was this just a Midlands junior school thing?!).

This exactly the kind of food that we love to cook for our couples. Something totally personal to them; a menu that represents them, their memories and their hopes for their future together.

Why not choose something different and individual for your Wedding Menu?

So whilst we do have pre-designed wedding breakfast menus that have been written with all the care and attention to detail that you would expect of our experienced chefs, you’re also very welcome to go completely off piste and really give our chefs a challenge with your own twist on wedding food!

Call Libby on 0115 727 0403 to discuss the perfect menu for your wedding or event. Or email: whitesfinefood@gmail.com

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